2013 Keynote speaker, Dr. Chris Field, addresses the conference at Harveys Lake Tahoe.

Keynote Speaker
Topic: Impacts from Extreme Weather Events: People, Cultures and Economy; Incorporating Scientific Understanding into Governmental Planning

Dr. Noah Diffenbaugh, Professor of Earth System Science and Kimmelman Family Senior Fellow at Stanford University
Dr. Noah Diffenbaugh is a Professor and Senior Fellow at Stanford University. He studies the climate system, including the processes by which climate change could impact agriculture, water resources, and human health. Dr. Diffenbaugh is currently Editor-in-Chief of the peer-review journal Geophysical Research Letters. He has served as a Lead Author for Working Group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and has provided testimony and scientific expertise to the White House, the Governor of California, and U.S. Congressional offices. Dr. Diffenbaugh is a recipient of the James R. Holton Award from the American Geophysical Union, a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation, and a Terman Fellowship from Stanford University. He has also been recognized as a Kavli Fellow by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and as a Google Science Communication Fellow.

Network Weather Producers Panel
Topic 1: Climate Change Coverage – Beyond science and politics, progressive and conservative opinions, how do national weather leaders decide what is aired?
Topic 2: Major Hurricane Coverage – The Good, The Bad and “Next Time” aspects. All the efforts, planning, staffing, capital and time that were dedicated, as well as the how and why.

Brandon Miller, Meteorologist, Supervising Weather Producer, CNN
Brandon Miller is a meteorologist and supervising weather producer for CNN International, responsible for managing CNN's World Weather Department.Brandon guided CNN's award-winning coverage of Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, as well as the 2011 devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. After years of covering countless extreme weather events around the globe and seeing first hand the fingerprint of climate change, he became passionate about communicating the urgent risks associated with continued warming of the planet. Brandon headed the CNN International initiative "Living with Climate Change," which included covering the major IPCC climate reports in 2013 and 2014 on CNN, CNN International, and on CNN.com.

Keith Stellman, Meteorologist in Charge of the Atlanta National Weather Service Office
Keith Stellman is the Meteorologist in Charge of the Atlanta National Weather Service Office out of Peachtree City, GA and took over in that role in August of 2012. Keith has received numerous awards over his 20 year career including the Louisiana Emergency Preparedness Association 2011 Leadership Award and 3 NOAA Administrator Awards among others. Keith was a member of the 2014 GA Governor's Task Force which has led to the implementation of a statewide mesonet within GA and improvements in Georgia's response plans to winter weather hazards. Keith was also a member of the NWS Hurricane Liaison Team and provided personal briefings to President George W Bush and Governor Rick Perry in 2005 during Hurricane Rita as well as to the White House during Hurricane Ivan.

Mike Noble, Senior Producer, ABC World News Tonight

Sea Level Panel
Topic 1: Coastal Storm Modeling System – Shrinking California Coastlines
Topic 2: Rising Seas in So. Florida

Patrick Barnard, United States Geological Survey
Dr. Patrick Barnard has been a Coastal Geologist with the USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center in Santa Cruz since 2003, and is currently the Research Director for the Coastal Climate Impacts Program. His research focuses on storm- and climate-related changes to the beaches and estuaries bordering the Pacific Ocean. His research has been published in over 90 peer-reviewed scientific papers and presented extensively at scientific conferences, universities, and agency meetings. He serves on numerous regional, national and international scientific review panels related to climate change and coastal hazards.


Keith Stellman, Meteorologist in Charge of the Atlanta National Weather Service Office





National Fire Safety
Topic: Weather Contributions to Large Wildfires; New Technology to Combat Wildfires
Addendum: Tahoe Fire Planning: network of cameras around the Lake; new fireboat for lakefront home fires

Speaker TBD, National Interagency Fire Center

News of the Day

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    • Tahoe’s Homegrown Athletes, Headquarters for Champions’ High-Altitude Training
    • Dr. Terry Orr, Official Orthopedic Surgeon for Men’s Downhill Orthopedic
  • Snowpack Measurement Through the Years
  • Green Energy at Ski Resorts: A National Model for Zero Footprint